CRISTO® by NLX is the result of the collaboration between NLX, a specialist in innovative and functional lighting solutions since 2007, and Haute Décoration, expert in stone. CRISTO® by NLX is a backlighting solution adapt to indoor or outdoor decoration project, in a dry or humid environment.
The backlighting technology creates a unique interior with indirect backlighting that sublimates the opaque material, by making it translucent and highlighting the veins and colors of the stone. Several colors of light are available to adapt to the dominant color of the stone to be illuminated.

Backlighting a curved material is now possible thanks to the bending technique.

  • Compatible Materials: White and Colored Marble, Onyx and Quarzite

  • Backlight colors : warm white, cool white, dynamic white

  • Optional : dimming


  • Indoor and outdoor

  • Wall, floor, ceiling, furniture (bar, table, shelves, etc.)

  • Dry and wet environments (bathroom, SPA)

Benefits :

  • Homogeneous and diffused lighting

  • Adjustable light mood (colors and power)

  • Lightweight and resistant solutions

  • All shapes possible, including curves

  • Discreet integration

  • Easy maintenance

Examples of projects

Welcome desk, open book, wall, table, bathroom shelf, etc.


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