NEOLUX become the official technical partner of FFBB

Saturday, August 22, 2015  Team France Basketball received  Belgian team in the Palais des Sports Ratte Pierre Saint-Quentin (02), a newly renovated room and now “enlightened” by NEOLUX LED Lighting Solutions. On this occasion, we officially became technical partner of FFBB.

Christian Lecomte, president of the Hall and Grounds Committee, certify that the LED lighting solutions of NEOLUX company for buildings and sports complexes  are recommended by the French Basketball Federation.

Olivier Faure, Head of Sport Divsion NEOLUX LED lighting solutions explains the reasons for this partnership:
“The Basketball is evolving in human terms, but also technological and technical. We had to adapt to the specificities of the sport, the playing conditions more and faster, and the constraints imposed by television coverage. Our expertise on the efficiency, economy and the sustainability of our LED lighting enables us to offer tailor-made solutions for high-level facilities projects such as Saint-Quentin. “.