With 650 + projects in France, NLX is the expert in efficient LED sports lighting


Why choose NLX ?

  • TECHNICAL PARTNER : solutions referenced in major sports federations (Basketball, Badminton, etc.)
  • INNOVATION : patented solutions, winner of 2 innovation awards in France and the USA
  • PERFORMANCE : compliance with sports lighting standards
  • TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE : writing specifications, photometric studies, installation support
  • SAVINGS : LED technology (lifespan> 50,000 h), reduction in power consumption (up to 50%)

Made in 🇫🇷

Designer and manufacturer of the patented lighting solution that has revolutionized outdoor tennis for 2 years: TWEENER®­ by NLX.

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All sports facilities (Arenas, gymnasiums & multisports facilities, Swimming pools, Indoor & outdoor tennis courts, ice rinks, etc.)

All sports : Tennis, Basketball, Swimming, Climbing, Badminton, Handball etc.